You're making a career change.

You overcome obstacles

It has been an very tough year for the game industry, with studio closures and record layoffs.People warn you, but you know there are openings somewhere, going to someone. You're determined to find every advantage you can to increase the odds of being who they hire next.Breaking in has many sides: building evidence of your relevant ability, resume and portfolio, event networking, studying for interview questions, and keeping morale up through rejections.We can help you with your resume, portfolio, networking strategy, even morale. But our main role is preparing you with stronger, more targeted evidence of your work. It's simple:1. Look up a job you want to be qualified for, to identify what they want that you can't show
2. We'll adjust or start new games to set up hands-on experience for what you're missing
You can learn a ton on your own, but if you ever want lessons on how to do something, our professionals can guide you. The next time a listing like it comes up, you'll be better prepared.

10 reasons why our professionally-supported, remote game development community can improve your chances and give you an edge:

  1. Need more finished games? We release every game. No cancellations. If you do a task on a game, then leave? It'll still come out, on time.

  2. We write detailed, per-task credits for each game we release. It'll be clear to any recruiter or collaborator what you did on every project.

  3. You'll build real stories from collaborative problem solving, work in shared code bases, and gain firsthand experience with more genres.

  4. Companies prioritize candidates who made things like what they want. We help you rapidly increase the types of games you've worked on.

  5. Pick any project, any task, any role that you see as most useful for your advancing career. You won't be told what to do, or what not to do.

  6. You can schedule a call up to every other week to discuss your portfolio site, fine tune your resume, strategy and career networking.

  7. Calls with expert trainers are included. Even if you don't need the calls, your teammates having the help improves games in your portfolio.

  8. Contribute as much as you want to fit in, including multiple games at once. Or, you can balance our approach with other job prep.

  9. We support Unreal 5, Unity, Godot, and HTML5 JS. We have two Unreal 5 trainers to better assist people who are pivoting from Unity.

  10. The deepest way to network is to come up together as peers, test out collaborating, and build real bonds through experience together.

Bonus reason: there's no required curriculum, so you can make a personalized path to best serve your goals. If you'd need clarity in your goals to do that, you'll be able to set up calls with a professional who has years of experience helping people navigate this change.

Some people we helped change their careers

"Joining was a turning point in my career"

"Joining was a turning point in my career. It is constantly evolving with new and exciting projects to work on every month. If you want to learn to make games, this is the way to do it."-Erik Verlage
Project lead on 4 HomeTeam games, contributor on 7 others, now a professional in educational games

"Five-year career plan was accomplished in less than a year"

"I learned and utilized so many valuable skills from HomeTeam! Because of the additional experience I gained working on games and leading a project, my five-year career plan was accomplished in less than a year. My focus on project management, code-based architecture, and desire to explore topics independently (which I did in HomeTeam) were key traits my employer cited as rationale for hiring me."-Brandon Paul
Grim Enigma team lead, contributor on 6 released HomeTeam games

"Reminds me of the best parts of my animation college experience"

"HomeTeam GameDev reminds me of the best parts of my animation college experience, specifically the experience of working on a thesis during senior year. We focus on whole projects that get released - and do so in a supportive environment with trainers who are experts in their crafts and a positive collaborative community of like minded learners. Unlike college, the structure is flexible and decidedly humane which, as someone recovering from burnout, has been essential for me to finally take this step forward."-Elizabeth M.
Animation professional, in HomeTeam practicing 3D player models, weapon icons, and environment art

"couldn’t be more happy with the amount of practical experience"

"As a Unity Developer at MIT for 4 years, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design and Development, I couldn’t be more happy with the amount of practical experience I’ve gained working on games and building a stronger professional presence through HomeTeamGameDev. It has been a blast working on games with such a passionate community. Without Chris DeLeon’s help that he provides through one-on-one meetings, it may have taken me years to realize the direction I want with my career path as well as see how much I needed to work on my own portfolio and resume with constant iterative and effective criticism.I am truly grateful to be part of such a unique group and experience."-Christian Gabbianelli
Key contributor on RoboHunters and Raven's Training Ground in HomeTeam
Professional in research/STEM games development

"Experience working on a team is what I get... as an artist"

"Experience working on a team is what I get out of [HomeTeam] as an artist, understanding programmers and what they need to complete a game. The club taught me lots of things and connected me with lots of people. I am really proud of having joined."-Angelo Gazzia
Contributor on 4 games made in HomeTeam Apollo group

"graduated from Game Design school... there was nothing like this"

"I’d graduated from Game Design school and was looking to enter the gaming field. There was nothing like this... to know how a project moves from starting a prototype, creating the schedule, delivering to ship, pitching... My fiancee asked if this was really worth the fees. I said yes. I wouldn't have a VR game published, been able to work on sound effects, or try doing VFX, narrative design, level design, 3d modeling, post-processing effects, learned state machines, and now working on a dream game... I look forward to continuing my contributions here for a lifetime."-Justin Chin
4X Project Lead in HomeTeam Outpost
Now a producer at a Tencent studio

"very helpful in interviewing for game industry jobs"

"HomeTeam was very helpful to me in filling out my portfolio after studying game design in college. I had worked on a few student games but leading projects in HomeTeam let me focus those projects on the skills I wanted to showcase. I was also able to pick tasks for myself based on learning exactly what I wanted to learn. This helped me build up my game design experience and technical knowledge which was very helpful in interviewing for game industry jobs."-Will McKay
3X project lead, 7 quarter consistent contributor on 10+ released games
Professional Game Designer at Ripple Effect Studios

"from remaking breakout to leading a... parkour-based 3D FPS"

"Before I joined Hometeam, I was like a lot of other aspiring game devs, trying to break into the industry without really knowing how, or having the skills or knowledge to do so. I had done courses on Udemy, made simple games based on arcade classics, but I didn’t know how to take the next step and go beyond beginner game development. Over my two and a half years with Hometeam, I gained the skills and knowledge to make complex, interesting games. Chris is incredibly generous with his time, and taught me so many foundational game development and programming concepts through practical application in making games.This program took my games-making abilities from remaking breakout to leading a project making a complex, parkour-based 3D FPS with three fully functioning levels in two and a half years. As a result of helping with some projects and leading two of my own, I put together a portfolio impressive enough that I was able to land my dream job, an associate game designer role for the company making my favorite MMO. For me, Hometeam taught me the skills, tools knowledge and process knowledge needed to go from a retail job to a seamless transition into the games industry. I can’t recommend Chris and Hometeam highly enough"-Jeremiah Franczyk
2X Project Lead and contributor on 7 released HomeTeam games
Now a professional game designer on Lord of the Rings Online

"I was able to talk about making games collaboratively"

"First and foremost, it gave me the confidence to stop saying the phrase, 'I'm trying to learn JavaScript' or describing my background in an apologetic way. When asked about my interest in coding, I was able to talk about making games collaboratively through this group, how fun it was to work with others, and the joy of figuring something out you had no idea how to do."-Jenna Johnson
Member in HomeTeam Apollo, part of 13 person Clash Tracks team

"offered a programming role in a major game studio"

"The community gave me space to become a well-rounded game developer. We finish projects, work in teams, are adaptable and committed. In my case, the experience of leading two game projects (and helping out on over ten others) contributed to me being offered a programming role in a major game studio... The community alone is enough of a reason to join. I've made many friends with whom I've kept in contact as an alumni, and I'm proud to have been a part of the gamedev journeys of so many wonderful people!"-Rémy Lapointe
2X HomeTeam Project Lead and contributor to 15 released games
Now a professional programmer at Ubisoft

"how to do it on a bigger scale and longer time-frames"

"HomeTeam gave me the practical experience I needed to organize teams and make sure longer running projects are successfully finished on time. Before joining HomeTeam I had some experience leading small, short projects. But it was in HomeTeam where I learned solid foundation how to do it on a bigger scale and longer time-frames. This allowed me to, over the next couple of years, build on that and level up my skill even farther - up to leading multiple, years-long commercial projects, at the same time. "-Kornel K.
3X project lead and contributor on over 20 release games in HomeTeam
Now a lead on commercial game projects

"I had a credit on a VR game... enough to get me the interview"

"I had a background in software engineering, and some professional mobile game development experience, and I was looking for a job where I can work with Unity and VR.I managed to get a job working on an exciting VR game in Unity, and one of the reasons I was able to get the job is because I sharpened my resume in HomeTeam, and because I had a credit on a VR game in HomeTeam, Time Cannon. At the interview I was honest about the fact that my involvement was only a small part of a larger team, and not even on a VR-specific part, but having that on my resume was enough to get me the interview in the first place.I really appreciate the existence of HomeTeam in this world where getting a game dev job with little previous relevant experience is like a steep vertical climb that can seem impossible to make. HomeTeam is a force of good, and a lot of fun."-Rikard Åkesson
Developer on Time Cannon VR in HomeTeam Apollo group

"This helped me reconfirm my career ambitions"

"After circa two decades on a financial engineering role, I chose to learn programming and grow my career as a developer. HomeTeam enabled me to put into practice what I was learning in programming at University by making fun games with teams of devs. This helped me reconfirm my career ambitions were geared towards a newly found passion and I shared common ground with the developer community. Eight years later, three of which I spent running an augmented reality startup, I continue to have a thrilling time programming, working on apps and tinkering with new tech!"-Sergio Solorzano
Project lead on Squash Encounter, contributor on 8 released games in HomeTeam

"I needed a plethora of examples that showcased my expertise"

"I initially approached HomeTeam due to issues with most of my portfolio being locked behind a large NDA. I needed a plethora of examples that showcased my expertise and HomeTeam ended up being an excellent fit for me, because they really have a go at your own pace flexible environment where it’s just you creating stuff. One of the things that was a struggle in my particular journey was a sense of being overwhelmed since I was still working full time while starting, and while there was a bit of setup with the various systems, there was definitely no hard sell at any point in the journey. Chris is a genuine human, and he aligned himself with amazing people. The community is why I stayed for as long as I did, however with my new job I could not balance it moving forward. Again, best team ever!"-Megan Frazier
Senior Sound Designer Sparkypants

"interviews... asked about projects I worked on at HomeTeam"

"When I discovered HomeTeam I was in the middle of figuring out how to break into the games industry as a sound designer without having any experience making games. I had done game jams before and followed online courses to try and make my own games, but struggled to complete any projects because of all the required skills outside of my expertise. HomeTeam gave me invaluable experience working with a team, learning about project management and scope, as well as actually completing several projects to a deadline. I was able to learn and grow my skills in a safe environment with support from other members and resources provided by HomeTeam. Several interviews that I had all asked about projects I worked on at HomeTeam and I was able to transition those skills into the job I landed eventually at an audio studio in DC. HomeTeam was so much fun, I'm so glad that I was able to meet Chris at GDC!"-Roc Lee
Contributor on 7 released HomeTeam games

"I already got a few games released to show on my portfolio"

"I didn't have any game development experience before joining. After only a few short months I already got a few games released to show on my portfolio... I have since been working on some long term contracts. "-Reid Alford
Contributing member on 4 games in HomeTeam Apollo group

"one of the best game studios in our region as a Game Designer"

"There was a time when I felt like I am not growing and progressing as a game developer. Things started to become stale and I find it hard to complete game projects that I started with passion. That's when I joined HomeTeam. For the first time, I realized what it really means to collaborate and started developing games unlike anything before. In the place where I reside, gamedev is not something that is appreciated but this community made me forget about it and aligned my focus towards my game projects and the learning aspects of it. I also learned the art of project management and accountability allowing me to develop and release the games on the deadline. But that aside, the best part is that I got confidence in my gamedev skills and am able to express myself publically allowing me to create meaningful connections with lots of new people and improving my gamedev career as a whole.Through processes that we use in HomeTeam I contributed on 15 games and led 5 teams, which helped me get an opportunity to join one of the best game studios in our region as a Game Designer. The higher ups decided to change my role from a designer to a programmer. Despite the shift in my role, thanks to the effective processes ingrained in me at HomeTeam I seamlessly integrated into a massive project and contributed code within the first week. There was one lone expert programmer who made tons of code for that game, but I was still able to cruise my way into it on the very first day just like how I used to do at HomeTeam. It worked out and to my surprise, the existing programmer even vouched for my abilities."-Bilal Cheema
Member since 2019 and several time project lead
Now founding SAATH GameDev in cooperation with HomeTeam

"one of those interviews has led to a really cool job offer"

"I joined up to Hometeam a little over a year ago, during my final year of university. For the past few months I've been leading development on a game inspired by one of my favourite games growing up, which has been a great experience, but it wasn't until I recently graduated and put myself on the job-market that I realized the value of all the skills I've been acquiring in Hometeam.C# and JavaScript are some of the most commonly requested languages in the industry, and programming in the context of a larger, shared codebase is something that my university courses just couldn't capture. Making decisions on a project to meet deadlines, learning to collaborate remotely- even getting comfortable in video meetings was invaluable, since every job interview I've had has started off with a video call.And one of those interviews has led to a really cool job offer! Not only that, but the game I've been leading for the past couple months is almost ready for release. So definitely join us for the joy of making games, but don't underestimate how valuable it can be for your life!"-Cooper Willis
Project Lead for Coffee Kart in HomeTeam Lighthouse

"I recently started my first part-time game development gig"

"Long time member, started learning code with HomeTeamGameDev. Lead on 2 games, one JavaScript/HTML5 game, one Unity3D game. Working as a software developer for 3 years. This community helped me so much with my goals... I recently started my first part-time game development gig, which mainly happened because of the experience I gained working with this community."-Barış Köklü
2X team lead in HomeTeam Apollo, contributor on 2 dozen released games in HomeTeam

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