You make games for fun and learning.

You train in the craft

Game development is magic. You bring characters to life, remake laws of physics, and make people think they're somewhere else, all by concentration and hand wiggling.At least, that's what's like once you gain mastery, and are already adept at the skills involved.When you're new it can be a frustrating, intimidating, and discouraging slog. We get it, because everyone in our group worked through that phase. We help people through it.Everyone is here to learn and support each other. We're specifically a community for peer practice, not a classroom or a studio. People are expected to make mistakes, get beginner errors out of their system, and do things we're yet not good at. We untangle errors together.Help from specialists who have experience is included. If you see something you'd like to do on a team project but don't know how, schedule a call and we'll guide you through it, in context.

10 reasons why our year-round, professionally-supported, remote game development community is the right place for you:

  1. You won't be limited by your background or strengths. Try writing, audio, modeling, pixel art, level design, programming, and leading.

  2. Practice any time you want. We're asynchronous. Team updates are done as videos. We coordinate on Slack/Discord, Trello, and Github.

  3. Want to make is a game genre that there's no market for anymore? No problem! It's all just freeware. Make whatever you enjoy making.

  4. Video calls for help are optional. There's no pressure. It's ok if you prefer to figure things out on your own. Some members don't use calls.

  5. We don't grade or rank, and we don't push anyone to achieve a higher quality bar. Participate at whatever intensity is sustainable for you.

  6. It's fun when you get to know teammates. We keep each community "human scale" (30-60 people) so you're never lost in a sea of faces.

  7. You can do as much or as little as you like, at the pace you're comfortable. If you need to skip a week you won't need to ask or tell anyone.

  8. People leading games in our group are used to this style, and simply adapt plans as we go to make the best of what gets done.

  9. You'll have access to calls with experienced trainers for troubleshooting, lessons, or learning strategy in the context of these games.

  10. Our program has no commitment or fixed length. Dislike it? Quit that week. But we've had people happily involved for 5 years or more.

Bonus reason: because we're a learning community, all peers and guides are patient and supportive. We're here to make it more fun!

Some people we helped find fun in making games

"what I always wanted to do... skills have increased tremendously"

"Game development is what I always wanted to do. It was the reason I entered computer science. My career path trajectory did not enable me to enter the industry. HomeTeam Gamedev has enabled me to learn a variety of game development skills, meet like minded individuals and contribute to a multitude of shipped projects in a short amount of time. There are no wrong questions. This is a great community to be a part of to learn game development. My skills have increased tremendously and I pitched my first project!"-Fahad Muntaz
Project Lead of Sagan's Robocraft in HomeTeam Lighthouse

"I believed I didn't have the time... Now... I've led my own team"

"Before I joined, I believed I didn't have the time to fit game development into my daily schedule. Now that I've led my own team project, I know I can make the time."-Chris Markle
Globuton adventure game lead, contributor on more than 15 games in HomeTeam Apollo group

"accomplished more in four months... than four years [in a] club"

"I accomplished more in four months with this group than I did in four years at my college’s game development club."-Dan Dela Rosa
Contributor on 8 HomeTeam games

"I found out I love doing art for games... I'm glad I joined"

"When I was younger I always had an interest in playing games. I found out I love doing art for games, from 2D to 3D to animating. I'm glad I joined this community because I've learned so much."-Cindy Rel Lee
Contributor on 3 games in HomeTeam Apollo

"the most fun I've had making games"

"Having worked professionally in the game industry for close to 10 years, I can truly say that the most fun I've had making games was with the HomeTeam GameDev Community. I felt like I never had time to focus on the games I wanted to make and the skills I wanted to improve as a game developer. The HomeTeam approach to making games allowed me to learn and make progress in a supportive and pressure-free environment. I've released more games in the last year than I could have imagined and the amount of value I've gotten as a professional and as a hobbyist is priceless."-Gabriel Cornish
4X Project Lead and contributor on 20 released HomeTeam games

"helpful, encouraging and friendly collaborative development"

"I have found HomeTeam GameDev a helpful, encouraging and friendly collaborative development group. Participating has prompted me to try aspects new to me like soundfx and art. Project leads helped me understand coding in the context of particular games, and I have learnt many tips and insights from other members."-Patrick McKeown
Contributor on 12 released games in HomeTeam Oupost

"Nobody is held responsible for making mistakes"

"Initially, I didn't have any plans to program, or even touch coding at all. But after joining HomeTeam GameDev, I was able to learn how to code. Everyone is here to learn and develop games together in a super positive environment. Nobody is held responsible for making mistakes, because everyone in the team will try to fix it together and find out what went wrong as a team... That is part of the process of learning."-Charlene A.
HomeTeam Member, contributor on 17 released team games

"Whatever you can contribute, whenever you can contribute"

"You can contribute whatever you can contribute, whenever you can contribute. I like that because I have 2 kids. We're busy, but so are you, and yet, here we all are learning, making cool games."-Lou Herard
Contributor on 4 games in HomeTeam Apollo group

"I can... fail completely, and still be supported and learn"

"I have problems with inertia and getting things done. With HomeTeam... I feel like there's always something to do. There's no wrong answer either. I can take a stab at a problem, fail completely, and still be supported and learn from the experience.It's also nice that there's so many opportunities to work with different crafts, even ones that you aren't proficient in. To be honest, if I didn't think I had the ability to create songs in tangible projects, I'm not sure I would have picked up piano. HTGD for sure provided some inspiration to start."-Ashleigh M.
4X project lead in HomeTeam, contributor on over 20 released games


"emphasis on sustainability. Low pressure, creative freedom"

"I think the most powerful aspect of this community is how it acknowledges that you're a person, which is harder than it sounds for any group to do because of its emphasis on sustainability. Low pressure, creative freedom and great members means that I'm growing every week, whether that's through observing other people or making commits of my own, with the help of trainers and other members of the group if I need it. Leading a project here has testified to the claims that the community presents and moreover has made me more comfortable with dabbling in any aspect of game development."-Abhishek @akhmin_ak
Project Lead for Spiritventure in HomeTeam Outpost

"background in coding... picked up pixel art skills and animation..."

"There is something about a team environment that really brings out the inspiration for and commitment to a project. You don’t want to let your teammates down, you’re inspired to put in that little bit of extra effort to make a game shine. And what starts out as the little nudges that you give yourself from this team environment, turns into a habit of healthy GameDev contributions. You will also be inspired to see the different projects that other team members are working on, promoting ideas you may have for a project or how you can add your own personal touches to existing projects.One of the key elements of the HomeTeam community is the collaborative effort that goes into making games. For me, this is one of the biggest benefits. As an individual trying to learn GameDev by yourself, you end up without a sounding board or channel to bounce ideas off of. It’s amazing how one idea can be used to spark the imagination across a large group who can apply their own background and experience to a challenge resulting in tons of cool ideas that a single individual would really struggle coming up with on their own. We learn from each other, we ask for help, we challenge each other. That’s what being part of this community is about... you will gain hands-on experience working with other GameDev folks. You get to see all of these amazing projects and get to participate where you actually figure out how they are all being built. Also, Chris does an amazing job in lining up relevant GameDev discussions with industry experts who share their own perspectives on a wide-range of topics. This is an invaluable experience!Throughout the collaborative process that HomeTeam provides, you will be faced with countless opportunities to both build out skills that you already have, as well as take a fresh look at new skills as you are actively encouraged to try things out. There is an understanding that everyone in HomeTeam is at different stages of their GameDev experience, and that trying out new skills will still advance the projects with worthwhile contributions. This has been my own experience, as I joined the community with a background in coding, but only limited GameDev experience. Along the way, I’ve picked up pixel art skills and animation, 3D-modelling and game design."-Tylor Allison
Project Lead on 3 HomeTeam games, contributor on nearly a dozen others

"loving community always open to help you along the way"

"I have always had this itch about game development but multiple reasons kept me from pushing past the occasional game jam project. When I discovered HTGD I was a bit skeptical about the impact it could have on my experience as a game developer, but after my first year I can tell you it's a wonderful place to explore and discover a lot of things about yourself and this passion, without the huge commitment that a career change might involve, and where there's a loving community always open to help you along the way without any type of judgment."-Luis Montaña
Project Lead for Waking Graves in HomeTeam Apollo

"Good for me building back up my confidence"

"I had a crash from career and life, recovering from burnout, with my creative energy down in the dumps.By total chance I found HomeTeam GameDev and the pitch gave me some hope. [Seemed] too good to be true at first, but the research I did checked out to me so I decided to give it a go. Almost three months in, I'm liking it! I like how HomeTeam GameDev has structure and support for those that want to plug away at games development as a sustainable hobby.I really dig all the games development learning materials, and personally I find the focus on mental health most precious - especially as it's all backed up in a pragmatic, non-pretentious, and layman-friendly way. I've found the atmosphere and attitude to be relaxed, approachable, and nurturing; which is different to what I've seen in some gamedev communities. It's been really good for me building back up my confidence!"-Liyi Zhang
Member on the Pawsome Space Barge team in HomeTeam Outpost, lead on Puck 2000

"a way to learn and improve... so happy to be part of it"

"This community is amazing. HomeTeam put together great support, a way to learn and improve. The spirit that everybody has and the support is marvellous. I was so happy to be part of it."-Martina N.
Audio and UI programming in HomeTeam Apollo

"a place to learn about things that I had never done before"

"I found HomeTeam GameDev while trying to find projects that were less intense than game jams and with the opportunity to work in more detail in the projects. After several attempts of putting a game dev team at my workplace, I found HomeTeam and it was just what I was looking for. It was a place to learn about things that I had never done before like version control, and even the use of middleware for audio.Games are made by huge teams of artists and technical people and I feel the most important thing is to learn how to work with other people in a long term. Such experience is difficult to replicate in my bedroom. I think that's what makes this community special."-Alfonso Salinas
Audio lead on Overdrive Mecha Arena in HomeTeam Apollo group

"learn a lot that you wouldn't be able to do working by yourself"

"It doesn't matter what your skillset is, working in a team you learn a lot that you wouldn't be able to do working by yourself. I can't really say enough about how important this is for anyone that's wanting to learn to make games, and get to know other people that also enjoy the process of making games."-Renaud Marshall
Project lead on Omega Transmission, contributor on 5 released HomeTeam games

"If you're busy, the team keeps making the game better!"

"I love how a project has momentum. If you're busy, the team keeps making the game better! When return to the project, you get this amazing jolt of energy and motivation from seeing all the improvements made while you were gone!"-MrPhil (Philip Ludington)
HomeTeam Member, contributor on 7 released team games

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